About Our Louis Painting and Pressure Washing, LLC

Here at Louis Painting and Pressure Washing, we are a team of  painters in Orlando that specialize in the painting and re-painting of homes and commercial buildings. Over the past 5 years, we have proven that customer satisfaction, excellent services, and an attention to detail are at the heart of our manifesto.

Not only are we a licensed and fully insured company, but our entire painting staff is strictly trained and have plenty of experience on the job. Ensuring that we adhere to your schedule and have everything completed when you require is very important to us. Our residential painters in Orlando are always extremely professional, arriving on time and making sure the working area is always kept neat, safe and tidy, both while working and once we pack up to leave.  On top of this, we will also post signs alerting tenants in advance of the work to be done, saving up valuable time and energy by preventing issues such as neighbor aggravation, parking notifications, and free access to the building site.

While working on your house, we will always ensure that all your floors and other furniture are securely covered using drop cloths and clean sheets. We understand our customers really well and appreciate that different customers will have various levels of knowledge regarding different types of paint and painting procedures. This is never an area of contention for us because we are more than happy to explain, guide, and help our customers understand the different range of options they have available to them and what may or may not be best suited to their needs.

We are proud to put our name and brand behind all of the work that we do. To demonstrate this, we offer all our customers the chance to walk through their house and inspect thoroughly all of the work complete donce we have finished a job. If there is anything at all that our customers want to be changed or fixed, we make those changes on the spot.

No matter what you are looking for, whether it’s something close by like a local painter in Orlando, or simply a home painter for your exterior painting needs for your home or office, if you want to give yourself a complete house painting makeover, don’t hesitate to get on the phone and call us today! We have a strong and experienced team on standby to help you transform your home today, whether it be to increase the value of your house, or if you’ve simply grown tired of your current paint look, or if you want to add a different finish to spice up the feel of your bedroom. We have trained staff waiting to provide you with a quote right away!